Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How In The World Did We Get Here?

So this is a fun story! ... Well it is all thanks to what Chad (my wonderful hubby) does for a living.
he works for a company by the name of TCN Broadcasting. its a growing business with a bright future. and we are lucky enough to be a part of it!!
He is currently an International Implementation Engineer, so he works with a lot of people and companies setting up their system and dealing with any questions or issues they may be having.
They started talking about moving him before we got married but nothing serious happened until December of 2012 (2 months after we were married) and they sent him over to Scotland to see how things went with a couple of other people.
Things kept working out and he and I would travel back and forth for about 6 months and then begining of May 2013 we moved over here! Hoorah!
We LOVE being here and we love the people! Scotland is BEAUTIFUL! And we are excited to be having Chad grow in this company and we love the people he works with.
 - Loves.

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