Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home For The Holidays!

I got to go home for a whole month! woot! Christmas was a blast!! I went before Chad because he had to work. So I got to spend a little extra time with my family, where I got to meet my adorable new niece my sister Danielle had. Her name is Cozette LeAnn Hedquist and she is fat and tan and just the most perfect thing you ever did see. My other sister Jessica was also pregnant at the time and sadly I did not get to meet her 5th child then:'( Glad my folks make room for us to come and bother them all the time haha. I also got to see my wonderful Aunt Darcy and her whole family and I have not seen them in too long! it was wonderful seeing my family all the time and being with them means the world to me!
When Chad arrived I flew down to St. George to spend time with his wonderful family, where we got to meet 2 more new nieces!!!! Sweet little Jessie and sweet little Blake!! I almost died from all the love in their home. I am so grateful to Kelly and Sandy for letting us come for Christmas and spend time with them in their home. while we were their i got strep so badly I lost my mind for a while. The day after we got back to my parents Chad got it as well and we got him some antibiotics thank goodness or he might not of made it home in time to get back to work.
My heart was so full of love and joy over the holidays I am so grateful for the wonderful families I get to be apart of. I do not know where i would be without our families and I am so grateful I do not have to find out! We had a wonderful Christmas and New years thanks to our families!! We miss you everyday and and so happy to be a part of your families!! LOVES

Portugal Trip!!

Portugal is My favorite place I have probably ever been. We went for our Thanksgiving trip. They dont celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK so we went on a little trip to see something new. It was warm (considering it was november), it was calm, the people were so kind and wonderful, it was beautiful like none other, the food was delish, the hotels were smashing, the sun was out, there were lil street shops all over and I just can't get enough of it! haha! We mostly just romed about places because it was chilly and so the water was too cold to get it but the beach was so beautiful and nice. We got a Hotel right on the beach in Faro and just romed around the city for a while and we got a hotel in the middle of Lisbon and rode site seeing buses around town and ate such yummy food. I miss Portugal all the time!! I LOVE PORTUGAL!! I simply must return!! 

My Family's Visit!

So stinkin glad these crazy people came to visit us! They came for about a week and we saw some sites in Edinburgh, Largs, Glasgow, Inverness, Belfast and I am sure I am forgetting a few places but I think i took pictures of most everything! So hopefully that helps me remember! It was so fun having them here with us!!
I was so happy my family came. I get pretty homesick sometimes and it really lifts my spirits when I get to see my family. I hope they come again very soon!! We love you guys!!

Spain Trip!!''

Who knew it still really existed!!?? Not to say we didn't see sun in Scotland but we didn't see much! haha! it was wonderful in Spain I loved the people and the beach was so warm and perfect. Maybe a little crowded but not bad. There was topless women a lot but its just kind of their culture. 
Chad speaks Spanish pretty darn well so we could get around fine! We saw all around Alicante and Madrid while we were there. The hotels are so well priced we got to stay in 5 star hotels!! it was wonderful! We didn't do our homework so we didn't see too much of the sites but we explored and relaxed and it was wonderful. I definitely recommend going there! The people are kind and fun and the weather is so nice! I miss Spain! 

Chads Parents Visit!

Man was I glad to see some familiar faces!! When Chads parents came I was so excited and glad to have family around again! his parents are WONDERFUL! and I am eternally grateful for them in my life! 
Sandy came first for about a week before Kelly. we mostly hung around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Saw a few sites and shopped. When Kelly came they went to Manchester for a night and we met up with them there and that was fun! We all went to Ireland for a night and that was marvelous! Ireland is beautiful and it was super fun to rome around a new country. 
We absolutely loved having them with us and miss them everyday! Can't wait for them to come again soon!

Our Move To Rutherglen

We moved to Rutherglen in August of 2013. We are renting a cute lil furnished apartment that fits our needs so nicely. We are about a 7 minute walk to the train station and then about a 15 minute ride into downtown Glasgow. Which is SUPER nice because Glasgow is a very fun city and there are many sites to see and things to do. Plus we live very close to many shopping centers and fun sites to see so thats wonderful too! we are so blessed and happy to be here together! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How In The World Did We Get Here?

So this is a fun story! ... Well it is all thanks to what Chad (my wonderful hubby) does for a living.
he works for a company by the name of TCN Broadcasting. its a growing business with a bright future. and we are lucky enough to be a part of it!!
He is currently an International Implementation Engineer, so he works with a lot of people and companies setting up their system and dealing with any questions or issues they may be having.
They started talking about moving him before we got married but nothing serious happened until December of 2012 (2 months after we were married) and they sent him over to Scotland to see how things went with a couple of other people.
Things kept working out and he and I would travel back and forth for about 6 months and then begining of May 2013 we moved over here! Hoorah!
We LOVE being here and we love the people! Scotland is BEAUTIFUL! And we are excited to be having Chad grow in this company and we love the people he works with.
 - Loves.